It's All Write

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018
It's All Write Short Story Contest

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Thank you to all the contestants who entered Loudoun County Public Library's annual short story contest for middle and high school students. The winners were announced at an awards ceremony on May 12 at Brambleton Middle School.

 High School results Middle School results 
First place
Claire Huchthausen, Dandelions for Grandmother
Fist place
Catherine Kelly, Old Blood
Second place
Briana McMahon, Deepest
Second place
Genevieve Gillispie, Hope for Life
Third place
Jessica Neer, The Daguerrotypes
Third place
Alia Taylor, Sad Blue Mountain
Runner Up
Emily Wolfe, The Devil's Town
Runner Up
Catherine Maranto, Oblivion
Runner Up
Shiki Anderson, Sandra and Victoria with the Curious Body Cavities: Conceptual Guts/Filled with Water
Runner Up
Afia Paracha, In the Woods

Middle School Entries

Ayah Ali, The Girl I Was Supposed To Be     

Faryal Alizai, Forgotten Wish

Keira Anderson, The Prize

Megan Arens, Changing Tides

Dharshini Arunprakash, Tessa Stay Brave

Avaneesh Babu, The Apocalypse

Anvitha Bandam, Friend of the Other Side

Rohan Bhadange, The Witch’s Cave

Luke Blair, The Last Thing I Want

Brian Boner, The Accident

Emma Brazier, My World Spilling Out

Emmaleigh Brooks, The Man Who Trusted Death     

Carleigh Camp, Ignored

Leila Campbell, Land of Her Ancestors     

Justin Cannata, Not Your Average Day

Meghna Chandok, Capturing Smiles      

Adrian Cheung, The Bloody Birthday

Rishika Chilumula, Time Is of the Essence

Alexandra Chinn, Sea Sister

Thanisha Chowdhury, The End

Emma Clothier, Real Magic

Kaylee Coburn, Voices

Aiden Cohen, The Case of the Missing Movie Footage

Sydney Cruz, Paper Stars

J. Sophia Curlee, The Darkness

Yenni Dang, Lily in a Field of Roses

Spencer Davis, I Talk Family

Gabriella De Dios, The Moon Witch

Sania Desai, Ivy

Vicky Din, Promises

Arihan Dixit, Double Trouble: A Docky Jonson Adventure

Srija Doma, Untold Thoughts

Jacob Durbin, I Hate Homework     

Mihika Dusad, Walk Towards the Light

Charlotte Edmonds, The Necklace

Emma Fajans, What’s Wrong With Me?     

Grace Ferrara, Colorless

Megan Fonseth, Until the Fall

Mikael Frey, The Scary Story

Baron Frias, Robinson Crow: The Compass of Four

Henry Gagnier, Death to London

Miriam Gale, Where To Live if You Have a Sweet Tooth

Sophia Garcia, The Fairy Princess

Katherine Gibbs, The Forgotten

Genevieve Gillispie, Hope for Life

Mark Goings, Noises

Keren Czyra Gonzaga, Edge of the Oak Sword

Brooke Grady, Insane

Meredith Green, The Tribe of Prowling Jaguars

Tejas Hariharan, Run

Kailey Ho, Silent Moments

Hana Horgen, Seasons Change

Leo Howley, Caesar in the House      

Kasmira B. Pecha Johnson, Good Morning News Report

Evie Johnston, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story      

Cameron Jordan, Suspenseful Suspicion

Laurel June, Culture Shock

Emma Kelley, The Girl vs. the Baby

Catherine Kelly, Old Blood

Niki Khare, An Eternal Difference      

Bethany Kim, 180 Degrees

Lily King, Star and Night

Bryce Krause, Surviving the Desert Planet

Siddhita Krishnan, The Day that Changed Everything

Chase Krisko, I Want a Vacation

Arya Kuchipudi, The House

Grant Kunkle, Revernome - The Fallen City      

Jessica Lee, Salmon’s Sacrifice     

Amanda Lehman,The Peace Agreement

Erin Lightner, Past but Present

Coral Liriano, A Girl with a Picture

Taylor Livingston, Young Dreamer

Viviana Maldonado, Oh look its Michael Jackson     

Walker Mallos, Jim Lindsey Returns

Catherine Maranto, Oblivion

Eli Marountas, The Men in Black

Hailey Marsaw, The Decaying Prison      

Aidan Mason, Death Needs To Diet     

Naida Sabriya McCoy, An Only Child Dilemma

Sarah McFarland, Discord and Radiance      

Gia McKenzie, The Teddy

Heather McLaughlin, Gwen’s College Adventure

Makena McLaughlin, To Control a Life

Jay Mestraud, The Breeze of Summer

Addison Miller, Overcoming the Odds

Eliza Miller, Mellon Power

Sonika Modur, A Pocket of Hope

Savannah Motz, The Nightshade Gang

Dhruv Musinipally, Hardy Har Har     

Sriya Nair, A Second Chance

Zaina Nasim, Creature Story

Avery Nelson, The Lake

Miles Niemeyer, The Winter’s Breath

Patrick O’Neill, Fred the Alien

Andrianne Papalabrakopoulous, Snowflake Draft

Afia Paracha, In the Woods

Matin Perdue, Jewquagh Island

Cate Pickering, Cake Without Frosting

Jada Pippen, The Magical Forest

Larsen Plunnecke, The Siege of Leningrad

Amara Poling, Ghosts

Isabella Purucker, Speaking Out

Ridhwan Rahman, The Substitute

Kashvi Ramani, Last Humans On Earth

Jayden Rose-Fernandez, The Dragon

Sammi Saba, Somewhere in the World

Shriya Sahu, The Strangest Day

Yasemin Saidoglu, Moonlight

Hannah Scarlatoiu, Perfection

Eve Schofield, Memories

Erich Scholz, How to Ruin a Visit

Julia Seeley, Trapped

Elina Shah, The World of Dreams

Aditi Shanbhag, One Smile

Abby Shockley, Just Hang in There, I’ll be There Soon

Akul Singhal, Popularity

Logan Small, Flying Dreams

Aubrey Spears, Left Unfinished

Jesse Starkie, Venus is my Home

Sam Stup, Riggys Big Plan     

Olivia Sun, Touch the Sky

Christopher Swanson, The Pickpocket

Madi Swiger, The Big Star Life

Zaina Tarafder, Run Away

Alia Taylor, Sad Blue Mountain

Sitara Tepley, Everything Will Be Alright

James Thomas, The Sins of Our Hopes

Avisha Tikoo, My Best Friend’s Birthday Party

Abrianna Valentin, The Hurricane

Salonee Verma, Disruption

Anna Waite, Life as a Princess Werewolf

Gideon Walker,The Void

Ella Warren, Ocean Wonders

Noah Webber, The Pizza Place

Claire Weiss, Military Child, and Proud of It 

Sophia Wellman, A Boy and His Star

Emma Welsh, Silver Sky

Ava Willis, The Cracks on a Broken Heart

Trinity Yager, The Short Journey

Calista Zorbas, Just Another Fish Story

High School Entries

Asma Ahmad, Blinding

Anika Akkapeddi, Before We Leave

Shiki Anderson, Sandra and Victoria with the Curious Body Cavities: Conceptual Guts/Filled with Water        

Agota Banks, Love in Translation

Roy Bao, The King for an Eye

Cody Bechtold, Secrets of Nature

Elizabeth Bell, The Woodcarver

Jillian Carey, The King’s Quest

Abigail Castello, As the Air Leaves Her Lungs     

Caroline Chung, Ivory Tower

Abby Cooke, The Storm Inside

Huyenmi Dang, Cataract

Zenia DeHaven, Scales and Tears      

Elizabeth DeProspo, The Bargain      

Emily Goulet, The Meaning of Normal      

Andrew Ho, An Uncommon Exorcism     

Jovia Ho, Momma Hen

Rachel Hollinger, Sunshine

Claire Huchthausen, Dandelions for Grandmother      

Cecilia Juarez, Caught in the Flames

Thriyashree Kengadaran,Lethal Luck

Alyssa Lane, The Grim Protector      

Lillian Lin, The Things They Don’t Know

Morgan Mabery, This is War

Kashmala Mahmood, Ice

Sreya Maram, Fool’s Gold

Yesenia Martinez, A Regular Day

Ethan McFerren, Totaled

Briana McMahon, Deepest

Tyler Means, Emmett

Calvin Mellor, A Disturbance in Dralek      

Ksenia Meshcheryakova, Realization

Jahnavi Murthy, A Lack of Color

Jessica Neer, The Daguerreotypes      

Lily Peters, The Cost of Currency

Shweatha Rameshkumar,Seconds to Live a Lifetime

James Scott, A True Hero

Morgan Scott, Of Cade and Audrey Percy and the War of 1812

Holden Shea, A Mission of Conquest

Lydia Smith, Counting Train-Cars

Militsa Sotirova, The Storm

Susie Stark, Games

Sankeerthna Vedamtam, Lorelei

Rachael Wennermark, The New Secret

Maren Wilkinson, The Statue of the Tiki Man

Emily Wolfe, The Devil’s Town

Sidney Wollmuth, Hide and Seek

Tahmina Yusufzai, The Green Eyed Valley       

Participants of this program grant Loudoun County Public Library the right to publish their names and work in part or full and use their names and work in print and electronic publications. Participants also waive any copyright protection with respect to the right of Loudoun County Public Library to reproduce their work.