Congratulations to the 2017 It's All Write Short Story Contest winners!

2017 It's All Write Winners

 High School results Middle School results 
1st place
Mariam Qureshi, A Goodbye Letter to My Best Friend
1st place
Claire Huchthausen, As the Pigeon Flies
2nd place
Katie Bushman, Ghosts for Sale
2nd place
Catherine Kelly, She Hawk-Eyed and Lion-Hearted
3rd place
Briana McMahon, Ephemeral
3rd place
Arihan Dixit, The Case of the Flashlight on the Beach
Runner Up
Alicia Zheng, Sealed with a Kiss
Runner Up
Mary Bechtold, Stargazer
Runner Up
Emily Wolfe, The February Tree
Runner Up
Ethan Valentine, The Death of Death

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Middle School Entries

Ola Akinotcho, The Japanese Character for Person
Betsy Altenburger, I am not yours
Anya Ambarish, A Pen and a Dream
Ayal Assana, Broken Mask
Salome Augusto, The Lybrit
Jameson Balda, The Stone of Narklax
Mary Bechtold, Stargazer
Gabriella Belogay, Magic Rising
Ivonne Benavides, Markmate
Emily Bills, Lost and Not Found
Leigha Bly, Enemy
Kate Brennan, Quest for the Crown
Andrew Brown, T-Minus: A Story of Redemption
Harshini Buddhiraju, The Rooftop
Elina Buxhofer, The Beginning
Taylor Cameron, A Never-Ending Nightmare
Jordan Campbell, Next Summer
Justin Cannata, The Problem in Loudoun County
Meghna Chandok, Secrets From My Closet, Don’t Stay There
Hajea Chaudary, Purple Eye!
Kyra Chinemilly, The Specials
Himaja Chintalapalli, The Diary
Sahar Choudhury, Nighthawks
Chesley Christensen, Frosty Demise
Emily Cole, Scratches
Grace Cora, The Road into Darkness
Ashlinn Corcoran, Long Odds
Jack Cohen, This is the End
Meghana Dasari, The Mysterious Three
Emiya Diaz, The Essence of Being an Example
Arihan Dixit, The Case of the Flashlight on the Beach
Aryak Dhingra, The Hall of Screams
Daniel Donofrio, The Day Mathematicians Took Over the World
Jeanne-Marie du Plessis, Moses: The Chosen One
Brianna Eckenrode, A Deck of Cards
Grace Eiden, How Mrs. Rosendale Saved My Life
Shannon Flaherty, Erode 
Kayley Forbes, Stone Cold
Alessandra Freitag, Shoot for the Stars
Ryan French, Undefeated Almost
Shiloh Gelnett, Light Shines Brightest in the Darkness
Laxmi Ghanate, Surviving Water
Genevieve Gillispie, One Message, Two Voices, Three Words
Sri Sai Sushan Gumadavalli, The People’s Lives
Salimah Hagmagid, Redemption
Fajr Hameed, Caution! Contents May Be Hot!
Caleb Harwood, The Great Adventure
Zachariah Harwood, The Stormhammers
Leah Hearne, The Streets of Edinburgh
Raleigh Hilt, Depths of Desire
Roxanne Howard, Scared Straight
Claire Huchthausen, As the Pigeon Flies
Myisha Jamal, Revenge
Eva Joseph, The Daughter of Eve
Meher Kalsi, Moved On From My Past, And Started the Future
Abby Keane, Lies, Theft, and Possible Death
Isabella Keeling & Liliana Harding, Double Trouble
Catherine Kelly, She HawkEyed and Lion-Hearted
David Kennedy, Warfare
Sumayya Khan, The Missing Piece
Krithika Layagala, The “New” Bermuda Triangle
Jessica Lee, Tiger’s Journey
Thomas Leipzig, Shot in the Dark
Maria-Jose Lema, The Formidable Five
Isabelle Lopez, On the Run
Aidan Luce, Team SAFE
Jadaya Lugo, The Gift
Jasmine Ly, Flower
Kd Magnum, Kd Magnum Short Stories
Medha Mani, The Mysterious Journey
Cayla Marino, Spy Recruits
Abigail Martin, A Beagle in France
Anthony Mazza, All Hail the King
Gia McKenzie, My Name is Spike
Annabelle Melus, Stars in Heaven
Sonika Modur, Dauntless Princess
Garrett Moreau, Rampage of the Dragon’s Eye
Hunter Morris, Back and Fourth
Priyanka Mosur, The Unique One
Carolina Munoz-Velazquez, A Hope for a Better Day
Erica Muradi, Mask of Happiness
Taylor Nagaj, Shadow.s
Katherine Navamal, The Flaw in the System
Isabel Nevarez, Moments
Faith Nguyen, In Their Eyes a Terrorist
Eaven Ojers, The Dragon’s Bane
Zachary Orcino, Abnormal
Julie Park, Special Makeup for Extreme Makeover
Khushi Patel & Niki Khare, Getting to Know You
Sanjana H. Patel, The Majestic Diary
Riya Krishna Pulla, A Peek into the Future
Zack Ramos, Seeing New Things
Anirudh Rao, Buried Alive
Auburn Rasmussen, The Storm
Tyler Rasmussen, Completing the Chain
Katie Reif, The Tale of Three Trees
Samantha Reineke, Awaken
Christiana Saam, A Journey for Milk
Anandita Sahu, Stolen
Lucy Sampson, A Noise in the Night
Emma Saville, New Alliance, New Mother
Mary Schanzenbach, The New Cat on the Block
Maxwell Schellhammer, Astro-Catastrophe
Becca Scott, One and Only
Shara Shanmugasundaram, The Donut Skeleton
Lizzie Sharpe, Runaway
Shea Smedile, Snowboarding
Cassandra Solar, The Alcazar of the Cerulean Wyvern
Rory Spong, It Happened That Night
Mahaniya Srinivasan, Moana Continued
Samantha Stock, Silvermist
Nathan H. Suh, The Forever Dream
Heather Sullivan, Eight Fifteen
Olivia Sun, Speaking to Edith
Anish Susarla, The Secret of Space: Book 1: Aliens on Mars
Kyle Swartz, The With In
Zaina Tarafder, The Gamer
Farzana Tasnim, Midnight Gold
Faith Thorpe, Putting the Students In Danger
Lennon Aleister Trickett, Ladon Maklovia Book One: Silhouette
Natalie Tsao, Changed Colors
Hays Turner, Wait You’re Not…
Beatrice Tynan, The Heir of Cana
Ethan Valentine, The Death of Death
Ninad Varshney, The Founding Documents
Marian Vaughan, When I Found You
Srishti Velanjeri, Like None Other
Salonee Verma, The Mayans
Grace Wagers, Counting the Days
Sarah Walker, Mentality’s Hold
Yeyya Wane, China Face
Lydia Wang, Lucid Dreaming
Ashley Warfield, What is a Twinkie?
Elizabeth Weaver, The Man in the Shadows
Anna West, The Other Side of Me
Karthik Yella, The Nightmare
Aiden Young, Quantum Jumper
Peter Young, Be Prepared
Zisan Yuce, The Princess
Henry Zeigler, Heist of the Century
Emma Zimmerman, The Corner of Netherville

High School Entries

Veronica Abebe, Memories of Us
Jacob Glenn Adams, King Marcus
Sofia Alli, Who’s There?
Aazeen Bashir, The Birdhouse Full of Notes
Elizabeth Bell, The Harmonica Man
Sophia Amanda Bening, Angels
Mahi Bhatt, Dream
Alina Bhatti, Ghostly Surprise
Caitlin Blake, Notice
Brianna Bonilla, Therapy
Kandance Breedan, Firefighter and EMT
Clare Brown, Lost Kingdom
Katie Bushman, Ghosts for Sale
Emma Carroll, The Errand to Remember
Sara Carter, Unreliable
Isabella Cascio, Stairs
Samuel Chase, The World Through the Eyes of a Greeter
Claudia Chavez, A Life Story
Syrah Choudhary, Holding On
Joshua Clark, The Kings Dominion Trip
Julia Cottrell, The Vigilante
Zenia deHaven, Behind the Trigger
Derek Decady, Before the Sunset (A mutual dream)
Ysmin El-Halaby, Taste Buds
Brandon Etkins, The Deception of Dreams
Zain Fazal, The Old Man
Nicole Fye, Ashes to Ashes
Nick Garrett, Dennis and the Corn Maze
Emily Goulet, Infinite Amount of Years
Chloe Green, The Wishmonger
Kenzie Green, Fairytale
Ximena Guerrero-Zdeinert, I Don’t Feel Like a “Weiner”
Megan Hajdo, Open Arms
Catherine Hamm, The Hero
David Hanny, Empowered
Reagan Harrison, The Art of Being Young
Kimberly Herbstritt, Grim Reaper
Haider Humadi, Mother Don’t
Daniel Hur, The Battle: A Soldier’s Journey to the Death
Isha Jadhav, Me and Her
Alisha Jain, Memories
Simrat Jassal, Are You Scared?
Shawn Johnson, The Other Side
Tyrell Jordan, The Wanderer
Juan Jovel, Prophecy
Nicole Kemon, Cherry on Top
Abigail Kensky, DOWN-AND-OUT
Kristina Krajewski, The Cliff
Angel Leonor, From Zero to Hero
Emma Light, Forgotten and Remembered
Max Madden, Burning Hereof
Joshua Mahoney, Fear by the Sword
Briana McMahon, Ephemeral
Tyler Means, PRoSPO
Omisha Mondal, Sere and Connie
Vishnu Nair, The Agent
Molly Niehaus, The Death Wish
Alexis Nolasco, The Experiment
Jasmine Owens, Operation Aria
Eleana Palomino, Flower
Mariam Qureshi, A Goodbye Letter to My Best Friend
Sanjana Raghavan, The Last Treasure Hunt
Erin Reichard, Defending the Beaches
Joshua Ryan, The Endeavor
Cáelainn Robertson, Saoirse’s Tale
Dominique Robinson, The Unknown Future
Supriya Savaram, The Watermelon Felon
Bisma Shaikh, Memory
Alyssa Shehadeh, The Girl in the Jar
Elizabeth Shope, Dragon’s Tongue
Lydia Smith, Joy Thief
Susie Stark, Wishful Thinking
Danielle Stuckwisch, Scare
Kailash Suresh, Bonechiller
Neriyah Tao, The Island
Diyare Tekin, Self Portrait in Seven Photographs
Kayla Terrell, The Listening Flower
Kayana Tyson, The Pool on Willow Street
Sankeerthna Vedamtam, Nicholas
Savannah Voelkel, One Note at a Time
Jaylen Washington, Liar, Liar
Kyra Williams, Cold Feet
Emily Wolfe, The February Tree
Mary Clare Young, One Red Rose
Alicia Zheng, Sealed With a Kiss