It's All Write Short Story Contest Past Winners


Middle school winners

Fist place: Old Blood, Catherine Kelly
Second Place: Hope for LifeGenevieve Gillispie
Third Place: Sad Blue Mountain, Alia Taylor
Runner Up: Oblivion, Catherine Maranto
Runner Up: In the Woods, Afia Paracha

High school winners

Fist place: Dandelions for Grandmother, Claire Huchthausen
Second Place: Deepest, Briana McMahon
Third Place: The Daguerrotypes, Jessica Neer
Runner Up: The Devil's Town, Emily Wolfe
Runner Up: Sandra and Victoria with the Curious Body Cavities: Conceptual Guts/Filled with Water, Shiki Anderson

Read the 2018 It's All Write anthology here.


Middle school winners

First Place: As the Pigeon Flies, by Claire Huchthausen
Second Place: She Hawk-Eyed and Lion-Hearted, by Catherine Kelly
Third Place: The Case of the Flashlight on the Beach, by Arihan Dixit
Runner Up: Stargazer, by Mary Bechtold
Runner Up: The Death of Death, by Ethan Valentine2017 It's All Write

High school winners

First Place: A Goodbye Letter to My Best Friend, by Mariam Qureshi
Second Place: Ghosts for Sale, by Katie Bushman
Third Place: Ephemeral, by Briana McMahon
Runner Up: Sealed with a Kiss, by Alicia Zheng
Runner Up: The February Tree, Emily Wolfe

Read the 2017 It's All Write anthology here.



Alex Sanchez congratulates Salome Augusto for winning first place with her story 'La Voix de Affamé' Middle school winners
First Place: La Voix de Affamé by Salome Augusto 
Second Place: Silent Screams by Lauren Sager
Third Place: The Horror of Veggies by Jocelyn Yee
Runner Up: Black Lungs by Annemarie Ching
Runner Up: The Duel by Ronan Stone

Honorable Mention
The Unusuals by Isabella Cascio
The Flight by Haley Copeland
In the Abyss by Faith Nguyen 
U.I. by Nicole Steigerwald
The Pursuit of Happiness by Jaylen Washington


Alex Sanchez presents Zora Grace with her first place prize for her story 'Tougether Forever.'High School winners
First Place: Tougether Forever by Zora Grace
Second Place: Story Lovers by Maria Hollingshead
Third Place: Tiraillements by Lydia Smith
Runner Up: Immortal Children by Ana Diederich
Runner Up: My Song of Bangladesh by Ahnaf Khan

Honorable Mention
Starry Eyes and Stockholm Smiles by Sarah Chan
Scars by Zenia deHaven
New Life by Hyrum Madson
Justified by Joshua Ryan



See a video of the celebration 
Read the book of winning stories.

Middle School winners

First place: Zenia deHaven for “Losing Hope.”
Second place: Amani Hagmagid
Third place: Addison Weinbrecht
Fourth place: Zora Brooks Grace
Fifth place: Mary Cho

Honorable Mention
Anastasia Gillispie
Maria Hollingshead
Omisha Mondal
Danielle Stuckwisch
Heather Min Sullivan

High School Winners
First place: Barbara Regan for “Through the Door.”
Second place: Ana Diederich
Third place: Abigail Ryan
Fourth place: Emily Forbes
Fifth place: Samapriya Dandibhotla

Honorable Mention
Ryan Chapman
Sanjana Raghavan
Sarah Santoro
Taylor Thackaberry
Emily Wolfe






2014 was a year of humor, beauty, and other worlds. The competition continued to grow stronger, and the Teen Services librarians had a difficult time choosing the winners and honorable mentions in each age group. Thank you for transporting us from our regular lives into the lives of your imaginations. 

Check out the winners from middle school and high school in this eBook (pdf)





You submitted stories that made us laugh and some that made us cry. The best moved us to the point where we could only describe your stories with feelings that we felt upon reading them. This competition was our toughest yet as we decided between stories that showed maturity beyond your years. You should feel proud of your achievements in 2013. 



Congratulations to everyone who took part in It’s All Write, our 3rd annual short story contest for teens. We’ve compiled the top 20 stories into

an eBook (pdf).


For a second year in a row, Loudoun County Public Library challenged teens to a short story contest. 174 of you rose to the challenge. Your imagination and creativity left us certain that there are great authors among you. You sent us stories of enduring love, epic fantasy, spine tingling horror, fast paced action and adventure. You took us back in time; presented us with harsh dystopias; and showed us the devastation and hope inherent in life. 

Top Ten Middle School Stories (pdf)
Top Ten High School Stories (pdf)

The awards are made possible by the James Horton Program for the Arts Trust Fund and the Loudoun Library Foundation.