Test Proctoring

Students taking a test at desks

Loudoun County Public Library branches provide test proctoring services to Loudoun County residents. Please contact the desired branch to make arrangements.


The student must:

  • Be a Loudoun County resident and possess a valid Loudoun County Public Library card.
  • Verify that the testing institution accepts all library proctoring guidelines.
  • Verify that the Library branch has received the examination.
  • Allow sufficient time to take the examination before the deadline that has been established by the institution.The library will hold tests for 6 months or the test's stated deadline.
  • Bring appropriate photo ID to the library on the exam day.
  • Come prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the examination.
  • Pay 10 cents per page for all prints of examination materials including received faxes.
  • Provide postage in the event that the institution has not enclosed a return, prepaid envelope. Allow 7-10 days for normal US Mail delivery or make other prepaid delivery arrangements to return the completed exam to the institution.


The Library can:

  • Proctor examinations for individual students who have made advance arrangements, dependent on the branch’s circumstances.
  • Receive examinations by mail, email or fax.
  • Store the examinations in a secure area and maintain password security for electronic examinations.
  • Verify the student’s identity with photo ID.
  • Certify that the student has taken the exam within a specified time.
  • Return examinations by email.
  • Mail the completed exam back to the institution, via a prepaid method.

The Library cannot:

  • Provide a private place for testing.
  • Provide a staff member to continuously monitor the exam.
  • Verify that the student had no access to materials or assistance.
  • Designate a specific staff person to serve as proctor for all examinations taken by a student. Proctoring services are provided by available, qualified staff persons.
  • Reserve Internet use. The library provides Internet stations on a first-come first-served basis. Only one hour of Internet time is guaranteed. The library provides free public WiFi for laptops. The student is responsible for following and understanding the Library Internet policies and procedures.
  • Grade examinations.
  • Keep copies of exam after they have been sent.