Write On!

Below are the results for the 2018 contest. Thank you to everyone that participated! Click here to read the 2018 Write On! book featuring all the honorees.

First Place

The House on Hogback Road by Penelope Aaron

Second Place

Swipe to Unlock by Taryn Noelle Kloeden

Third Place

Three Secrets by Laura Schneider

Honorable Mentions

Color My Words by Evelyn Krieger

Undesirables by Kyndal Holt

Jumbo Glue and Too Many Targets by Kathy Kozoma

Time to Meet Again by Magdalena Serrano de Caro.

Trap in the Snow by Nikolaja Gogolja

The Day Before Boxing Day by William Subosk

Mysterious Ways by Leanne Manzo

Hope by Peregrine North

Transcendent by Charles Maranto

The Note Passers by Emily Italiano


1st prize: $200

2nd prize: $100

3rd prize: $50

Participants of this program grant Loudoun County Public Library the right to publish their names and work in part or full and use their names and work in print and electronic publications. Participants also waive any copyright protection with respect to the right of Loudoun County Public Library to reproduce their work.