2016 Write On! Short Story Contest results

Click here to read the winning entries that were announced September 25 at the Cascades Library.

Winners list

1st place
Time to Fly
Christopher Halprin

2nd place
The Tragedy of Lady Lucinda Graves
Taryn Bromser-Kloeden

3rd place
Axioms of Probability
Aaron Parker

Honorable mentions

Janet Holmaas Hicks

Sonik Malik

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Michael O’Connell

The Barber Shop
Kate Brett Lewis

The Mix Tape
Megan McMurrin

The Pelican
Martin Bromser-Kloeden

The Rusting Man
Jeff Daily

The Stain
Mary-Elizabeth Wing

The Tallest Poppy
John Vaught

The Unseen One
Kate Murphy

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