We don’t have a theme!
Pick a topic you’re excited about. This is your chance to get creative! In the past we’ve received stories that were inspired by real life, we’ve also received fantasies, mysteries, action-packed adventures, even horror stories. Still wondering about our submissions? Check out an example of previous winners.

Be original.
The stories that stand out surprise the reader with the unexpected.

Does it flow?
Do the events that take place in your story make sense? Check for gaps in logic. Make sure your readers have all the information they need to understand what is happening.

Submit a complete story.
We live in a world of sequels, and a cliff hanger ending can leave your readers begging for more, but your story should be able to stand on its own.
Use check your spelling and grammar!
Spelling matters. So does correct punctuation. We’ve seen really good stories that didn’t make it because of spelling and punctuation errors. Spell check can help, but if you read your story out loud, sometimes you can catch errors you never knew were there!

Proof-readers are good!
Once you’ve finished writing, have someone you trust read it. Ask them to check your story for spelling mistakes, typos or other things you may have missed.

Follow the submission guidelines.
We receive a large number of submissions to our writing contest. We want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. We developed the submission guidelines to make sure all stories have a consistent look and give us the information we need to properly acknowledge contest participants. Check here for the submission guidelines.