What should I write about? Is there a theme?
We don’t have a theme! This is your chance to get creative. In the past we’ve received stories that were inspired by real life, fantasy, mystery, adventure, even horror. You can also find inspiration -- and hone your storytelling skills -- at one of our teen writing workshops. Click here for dates.

Why do you have a word limit?
We receive a lot of submissions. We want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. We don’t want external factors such as font size to influence our judgment. We also want to make sure there is enough time for us to read all submissions. 

Wait. You have word limits?
Yes. Click here for our submission guidelines.

Do I have to be a Loudoun County resident, or own a Loudoun County Library card to take part in the contest?
No. As long as you are in middle or high school (or the homeschool equivalent), and follow our submission guidelines, you are welcome to participate.

Who judges the submissions?
Teen services librarians read all of the submissions and select their top five choices for middle school and high school. 

Where and when is the award ceremony?
The 2019 award party will be held Saturday, May 11. More details to come.

Is Nina LaCour really hosting the award ceremony?
Yes!!! We’re very excited to welcome author Nina LaCour to Loudoun County.

Who can come to the award ceremony?
Everyone! Contest participants, friends and family, fans of teen-created literature, teachers, Nina LaCour fans, clowns, people wearing green shirts -- all are welcome!