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Choosing Books for 4 & 5 Year Olds

  • Preschoolers are ready for longer stories. Experiment to find books with the amount of text that fits the child’s attention span.      
  • Let children be involved in choosing books and let them practice retelling the story in their own words.
  • Talk about the pictures, characters and events in the story as you are reading.
  • Encourage children to use their imaginations or to make predictions about what will happen in a story.
  • Casually point out some of the letters in the book. "There is a 'J.' Your name starts with a 'J,' too." At times, run your finger below the text as you read aloud.
  • Choose some books with repetition and rhyme and read aloud with pauses to allow children time to fill in the words.

What preschoolers like in books

  • Preschoolers are interested in their relationships with others and like stories about families and friends.                                             
  • Preschoolers are learning new words all the time and enjoy books that let them play with words and rhymes.                                        
  • Preschoolers are curious about the world around them. Choose simple information books about the real world - trucks, dinosaurs, insects.
  • Preschool age is a great time to introduce art through picture books. Choose books that show a variety of art styles.
  • Preschoolers enjoy predictable books, which encourage them to make predictions or guesses about words, phrases, sentences, events and characters that could come next in the story.
  • Books that make them laugh.
  • Books with simple text they can memorize.
  • Books about kids that are like them - also books that introduce children who are different from them.
  • Books about going to school and books about making friends.
  • Alphabet books, counting books and vocabulary books.

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