5,000 limited-edition cards featuring Martin's 'Imagination Soars' available in September

2017 Library Card Contest Winner

LEESBURG ─ Congratulations to YoLani Martin, winner of the 2017 Library Card Design Contest. Martin’s Imagination Soars design narrowly edged The Librarian by Damien Brown and Tank Says Just Read! by Harlie Taylor in a vote of patrons conducted both online and at every Loudoun County Public Library branch. 

Martin, a rising junior at George Mason University, embodies the impact that Loudoun County Public Library strives to have on its customers’ lives. 

'Imagination Soars' by YoLani Martin"The piece I created was inspired by the way I feel from reading. It doesn't just take me to different places, but transforms me into a stronger person who can be open to new ideas and dreams. I wanted to find a way to convey how reading can transform someone and the world around them and this piece was born from it,” Martin said. “I have always enjoyed drawing, and digital art was a new frontier that I was excited to try. I'm still learning how to create this kind of art.  It takes a while to get the hang of it, but it is a fun experience that gets better with each try.”

5000 limited-edition cards of Imagination Soars will be available to both new and current customers during Library Card Sign-Up Month in September. 

“Exactly 2,700 people voted,” said Programming Coordinator Lorraine Moffa. “All three finalists were within 2% of each other. Thank you to the Loudoun County Art Advisory Committee for their great work in selecting them as finalists.”

The contest drew 66 submissions. All of them will be a part of the featured display at the Gum Spring Library and on the LCPL website in September. 

'The Librarian' by Damien Brown'Tank Says Just Read!' by Harlie Taylor“There were a ton of amazing designs,” Moffa added. “I’m so excited we’re going to be able to share them all with the public.”

Brown, who is seven-years old and getting set to enter the second grade, is a frequent visitor of the library and isn’t shy about asking for help.  "I love to read so I like librarians because they help me find different kinds of books," he said. The Librarian began as a crayon drawing which then became a digital photo. A digital filter was used to add a blur effect to complete his work. 

Taylor is a rising eighth-grader at Smart’s Mill Middle School who loves photography and the outdoors. Tank, an English bulldog who is five-months old, loves to smile but gets in trouble. Taylor said if a picture of Tank smiling and saying “Read” helps to get young kids to read, then Tank served his purpose!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. We look forward to seeing more fantastic art in 2018!

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