Getting a card

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Access when you don’t have your card with you

Placing requests and picking up your hold items

Can’t find what you need?

Lost card and expired card

Reciprocal borrowing with other systems

How do I get a Loudoun County Library card? 
Loudoun County Public Library cards are available without charge to individuals of any age who: 

  • live in Loudoun County
  • work in Loudoun County 
  • own property in Loudoun County
  • own a business in Loudoun County
  • attend school in Loudoun County
  • live in any one of the jurisdictions who participate in the regional reciprocal borrowing program

Cards may be obtained by visiting any one of the Library branches in person or by applying online.  If you applied for a card online, please bring your driver’s license or other form of identification during your first visit. You may also sign up for free Internet access at that time. Customers registering for the first time will fill out a registration form, sign a responsibility statement, and provide a photo ID and proof of current address, plus other documents that may be used to establish eligibility.  You are asked to present your Library card whenever you check out Library materials.

Where may I use my Loudoun County Library card?
You may use your card at any Loudoun County Public Library branch.  You may check out and return materials, as well as request materials and pick them up at any branch location.

I don’t live in Loudoun, but does my county/city participates in the regional reciprocal borrowing program?
If you are a resident of any one of the following jurisdictions, you are eligible to borrow items from Loudoun County Public Library:  the cities of Falls Church, Alexandria, Winchester, District of Columbia; Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Prince William, Clarke and Frederick Counties in Virginia; and Montgomery, Prince George, Frederick and Charles counties in Maryland; and card holders of the Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg.

You still need to complete LCPL's Library card application process.  You must provide identification (photo ID and proof of current address showing your residency in any one of the reciprocal jurisdictions).

What are some examples of acceptable documents that may be used to establish my eligibility for a Loudoun County Public Library card?
Please click here for a list of acceptable documents.

How long may I keep each item?
All Library materials have a circulation period of three weeks and can be renewed up to seven times (unless another patron is waiting), with the following exceptions:  7-Day Hot Picks books (one week, no renewals) OverDrive eBooks and eAudiobooks (three weeks, no renewals), Freading eBooks (two weeks, one renewal).

May I renew my items?
Yes, in person, online, or by calling the automated telephone renewal service at 703-771-5626.  Please note that seven-day loan period items and items that have holds on them cannot be renewed.

What are your fines for overdue books?
The fine is 10 cents per day, per item.  The maximum fine per item is $5.00.  An unpaid fine of $10 or more will block the Library card so that no more items can be checked out or renewed.

I've lost an item. What will it cost me?
You will be charged the replacement cost for items not returned.  Please note that LCPL does not accept replacement copies for lost items, and only accepts cash or credit cards for the payment.

May I check out or renew my books without my Library card?
Yes, but only if you can provide a photo ID.

May I obtain my Library card number to access the internet or wireless service in the Library?
Yes, but only if you can provide a photo ID.  However, Library staff will provide you with a temporary number to access these services if you can not provide the information during your current visit.

May I inquire or manage my account remotely via the phone, email inquiry, or the online chat service?
You can obtain this information remotely from Library staff if your driver’s license number has been added to your borrower record and you can provide this number.

What if I want to access the online databases and I cannot provide the necessary information to obtain my Library card number?
Library staff will provide you with a temporary number to access this service for 24 hours.

How do I put a book on hold and have it sent to my branch?
Is the Library material you want checked out, but you’d like to be placed on a waiting list so you can check it out once it’s available?  Simply place a hold on an item through the Library Catalog.  When you see an item you want in the catalog, click “request item”, enter your Library card number, and select your preferred pickup location.  When your requested item becomes available you will be notified by either phone or email.  Requested items are kept for you to pickup at the branch for seven (7) days.

May I pick up my holds without my Library card?
Yes, but only if you can provide a photo ID.  Library staff will be glad to hold your books for an additional day if necessary.

May I place a request in the Library if I do not have my Library card?
Yes, staff will be happy to assist you with this service when you visit the Library or via the phone.

May my spouse pick up my holds or other family member?
Your spouse or other family member can only pick up your holds if they have possession of your Library card.

May I check out, renew, or pick up my child’s holds?
Yes, parents have full access to their child's record if the child is younger than 18.

What if I don't see what I want in your catalog?
After Library staff determines that the item you would like is not available locally, you may obtain it through Interlibrary Loan.  The fee for this service is $3.00 for each item requested, collected at the branch when you pick up your item (there is a fee of $3.00 for each item requested.  The fee is payable when you pick up the item.  You will be notified in advance if there are other fees charged by the lending library).

You may also consider making a purchase suggestion using the Suggest A Title service for titles not in the Library's catalog.

What if I lose my card?
Please let your branch know if you lose your card so we can prevent use of the card by someone else.  Please come into the branch to get a free replacement card.

How long before my card expires?
As a Loudoun County resident, your Loudoun County Library Card has no expiration date.  However, cards that have been inactive (i.e. no items checked out) for five (5) years will be purged by the system.  The Library also asks that you update your Library account information every two (2) years.  In the meantime, if your address or phone number changes, please let Library staff know so that your account information can be kept up-to-date.

If you do not live in Loudoun or a jurisdiction that participates in reciprocal borrowing, but have a Loudoun County Library Card because you work, go to school, or own property/business in Loudoun, your Library card does expire every year.  Please bring proof of eligibility (such as a work ID) to any one of the branch locations and Library staff will renew the card for you.

May I use my Loudoun County library card in other area libraries?
As a Loudoun County resident, you are eligible for library cards from any public libraries in the jurisdictions who participate in the regional reciprocal borrowing program.  Please consult each individual library policy on how to obtain a library card from any one of the public libraries in the program.  Please note that LCPL does not share library patron information or catalog information with any other libraries in the reciprocal program; therefore, you will have to go through the library card application process required by the other library.