Writing Poetry Apps

Poetry Daily (iOS)

An anthology delivered daily of contemporary poetry from new books, magazines, and journals.

My E-Story Poems (iOS and Droid)

Write a few verses of poetry with friends and family.

Poetry from The Poetry Foundation (iOS and Droid)

Get inspired by reading and sharing favorite poems. Thousands of classic and contemporary poems.


Poetry Everywhere (iOS)

Hear and see contemporary poets reading their works, introduced by Garrison Kellor.


Poetry Creator (iOS)

Virtual refrigerator magnet poetry! Post your works of art to your Facebook photo album or email your friends.

Refrigerator Poetry (Droid)

Just like Poetry Creator for the iOS, but you get a refrigerator as your background!

The Poetry App (iOS)

Read poetry from 16 of the greatest poets throughout the ages. Create your own poems and record your narration.

Instant Poetry (iOS and Droid)

Create a short poem and upload it, or vote for your favorite (public domain) poems.

Verses Notebook (iOS)

Save your poem ideas and use the built–in rhyming dictionary; then send your creations straight to your Twitter account.

Poet’s Pad (iOS and Droid)

With 70K word rhymes, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and an emotion-based idea generator, it's easy to create the perfect poem.

PortaPoet (iOS)

Write poems and share them on Facebook or Twitter. Read published poems, battles, or collaborations.

Rhyme Lite (iOS)

A phoneatic dictionary of over 50,000 words based on the one or two last syllables.

B-Rhymes Dictionary (iOS and Droid)

A rhyming dictionary that gives you words that sound good together (even though they don’t technically rhyme) as well as regular rhymes.