What should I write about? Is there a theme?

We have four themes! Please send us your poem in one of the following categories: 

• Best Love Poem
• Best “Loudoun” Poem
• Funniest Poem
• Free-Verse 

This is your chance to get creative! Poems can be inspired by real life, fantasies, nature, adventures, or even horror. 

Does it have to rhyme?

No! You are free to create a rhyming or non-rhyming poem.  

Why do you have a word limit?

We receive a lot of submissions. We want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance. We don’t want external factors such as font size to influence our judgment. We also want to make sure there is enough time for us to read all submissions. This is why we impose a word limit.

Wait. You have word limits?

Yes. Please follow our submission guidelines.

I need inspiration. What do you suggest?

Check out our list of websites for poets.

Do I have to be a Loudoun County resident, or hold a Loudoun County Library card to take part in the contest?

No. As long as you are over 18-years old, and follow our submission guidelines, you are welcome to participate.

Can I submit works that have been previously published?

Your work must be previously unpublished and not scheduled for publication anywhere before June 4, 2018.  We can accept new works and works that have never been published. This is due to copyright restrictions.

What’s the prize?  

Winning prizes ($65 gift cards) and runner-up prizes ($25 gift cards) will be awarded in each of the following four categories: Best Love Poem, Best “Loudoun” Poem, Funniest Poem, and Free-Verse.  The poems of the winners as well as runner-ups will be available as a free eBook on the Rhyme On! webpage.