Featuring the work of Loudoun artists throughout the year

July/August 2018

Ashburn Library: Misty Peak Pavilion, Chinese watercolors by Dottie Blair

"Reunion in Autumn Symphony" by Dottie Blair


Cascades Library: Burst of Light, Vibrant abstracts by Evelyn Lopez Guzman

 " Everything's Coming Up Pansies"  by Evelyn Lopez Guzman

Gum Spring Library: Reaching Towards Hope & a Future, Refugee Art by Constance DeBordenave

 Crossing to Macedonia by Constance DeBordenave

Lovettsville Library: County Life, Acrylic paintings inspired by the beauty of Loudoun by Kathleen Howsare

Open Arms by Kathleen Howsare

Middleburg Library: Collages by Karen Oliver

Open Barn by Karen Oliver

Rust Library: Paintings by Penny Hauffe

Imagination Takes Flight by Penny Hauffe

Local artists’ work is exhibited at most Loudoun County Public Library branches. Contact us if you’d like to be considered.