Food for Fines

Reduce your fines, make a difference

Donate canned foods to pay off your library fines. For each unopened, unexpired nonperishable item, we’ll deduct one dollar from your overdue fees.

You can donate even if you don’t have any fines.

Donations will be distributed by Loudoun Hunger Relief. Click here to learn more about Loudoun Hunger Relief and the people it serves.

All Loudoun County Public Library branches will accept items such as:

Dry beans
Canned meats (such as tuna or chicken)
Mac and cheese
Peanut butter
Cooking oil

Please do not donate rusty, dented or unlabeled cans, homemade items, non-commercial canned or packaged items, alcoholic beverages, mixes or soda and opened or used items. 

Thank you for your support!