Phone Notification FAQs

What is the phone number?
703-771-LOAN (5626)

What services are available?

  • Renew Library items
  • Hear a list of items checked out and their due dates
  • Hear a list of items on hold
  • Find out what fees you owe

What do I need?

  • Your Loudoun County Public Library card barcode number
  • A touchtone telephone

When is it available?

  • 7 days a week
  • 24 hours a day

What will it say if it calls me?
"This is the Loudoun County Public Library with a message for (name)."  

  • If you have materials on hold:
    "You have (#) item(s) being held at this time.
    They will be held until (date).
    They can be picked up at (location)." 
  • If you have materials overdue:
    "You have (#) items overdue."

What will it say if it reaches my answering machine?
It will leave a message indicating how many items are overdue or on hold.  The entire message will be repeated a second time. 

  • Exit Message:
    "If you need more information about this message, call the Library Information Phone Service 703-771-LOAN or visit the Library's website at for services available.”

What will it say if I call it?

  • "Welcome to LCPL Information Phone Service. Please enter the full barcode from your library card, followed by the pound (#) key."
    "Please listen carefully to the full menu."
  • "To renew titles,  press 1."
    "You have (#) items on loan at this time."
  • "To list titles on loan, press 2."
    "You have (#) items on loan at this time."
  • "To list or cancel titles on hold, press 3."
    "You have (#) items being held at this time."
    (Lists holds, pickup dates and locations.)
    "To cancel hold, press 1. To go to next title, press 2. To skip holds verification process, press star (*)."
  • "To State your current fees, press 4."
    "You have no outstanding fines."
    "Your outstanding balance equals ($)."
  • "To list overdue items, press 5."
    "You have (#) overdue items at this time."
  • "To record your name press 6."
    "The name is not yet recorded. To record, Press 1. Press star (*) to exit the recording."
    (the next time you call, LIPS will say your name)
  • "To listen to a library message, press 7."
    (this message will change as appropriate)
    "Select an individual local branch message to hear the branch address, hours and phone."
  • "To repeat these options, press pound (#)."
    The entire menu will repeat.
  • "To exit, press star (*)."
    "For more information visit our website at  Thank you for calling.  Good bye."

Can you change the synthesized voice?
Sorry, not yet.  You may need to listen more than once to understand some of the titles.  If the title is still unclear, call any Loudoun County Public Library branch location.