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Please complete this form to be notified by email when items you have checked out approach or pass their due dates OR when items you have requested are ready for you to pick up.

Failure to receive notifications does not waive your responsibility for the timely return of materials or pick up of items you have requested.

The email notice will be from:

Loudoun County Public Library <> 
Please make sure this user/address is listed as acceptable in your spam-blocking software.

The subject line will be "This is a message from the Loudoun County Public Library."

For more information, visit the Email Notification FAQ.

Update your email address online by choosing the "My Library Card" tab in the catalog, login to your account, select "My Contact Information," enter your new email address, and click "Update."

If you have already signed up to receive email notification, please do not use this form.  The system already has your email information.

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