3rd annual Rhyme On! contest

The 2016 contest is in the books!

Click here to read the winning entries that were announced June 4 at the Rust Library! | 2015 winners.

Winners list

1st place
On the Osa
Anne Whitehouse

2nd place
Steak and Chips
Laura Taylor

3rd place 
The Gardener
Chloe Hor Yin Yee

Honorable mention
By Heart
Mary Soon Lee

Stephanie Malley

Victoria Otto Franzese

Fisherman's Folly
Carlisle Hill

Held in Amber
N. Barry Carver

Hope Eternal
Kelly Delano

Life Begins
T. K. Varenko

Life is a Boat
Sujoy Bhattacharya

Lines on Route 10
Floyd Cheung

My Bedroom Window
Jana Abou Shakra

October Birthday
Bruce Goldberg

Of Weeds and Men

Robert Gene Stoner, Jr

On the Porch
Terence Kuch

Rachael Pettus

Pink Balloons
Laura Mathurin

Road Sign Romance
Christy M. Thomas

Peter Garland

Snooze Button Depression
Yusra Amjad

Ebony Stewart

The Call to Peace
Sharon Mills Wozniak

To a Child at Enlightenment
J. C. Elkin

Jessica Liou

You Uncomfortable Living Thing
Harmony Button