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Print Motivation

Print Motivation is a child's interest in and enjoyment of books. A child with print motivation enjoys being read to, plays with books, pretends to write, and likes trips to the library. Children who enjoy books and reading will be curious about how to read. They will read more.

Studies show that when the interaction around a book is negative (sit still; listen; harsh language) the young child will likely enjoy reading and books less, associating negative interaction with books and reading. When the experience of sharing a book is pleasurable for both the parent and the child, the child will be more attentive and responsive. The more pleasurable book sharing is, the more regular and frequent an activity it will become.

What can you do to help children enjoy books and want to read more?

  • Read often and make it enjoyable.
  • Read when you and your child are in a good mood, so the experience is a positive one.
  • Make shared book reading a special time for closeness between you and your child.
  • Change your voice as you read aloud.
  • Keep books accessible to your child.
  • Let your child see that you enjoy reading. Explain how you use reading and writing in everyday life.
  • Stop reading when your child becomes tired or loses interest: keep it short and keep it fun!

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