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April 2014 Dazzling Debuts
Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Bib 767534 Muzzled
Author: Eileen Brady

“Brady's enjoyable, leisurely paced first novel introduces Dr. Kate Turner, who, like Brady herself, is a veterinarian. When Kate pays a house call on Vivian and Thomas Langhorne, who breed and raise champion Cavalier King Charles spaniels, she discovers the dead bodies of the elderly couple. The police call it murder-suicide, but Kate's not so sure. Readers will want to see more of the likable Kate, who, as she snoops and doctors, provides an inside look at quirky pet owners and the oft-satirized dog show set (shoe polish shines a nose!). “ Publishers Weekly

A veterinarian for over twenty-five years, Eileen Brady lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Jon, also a veterinarian, and several pets that won't get off her keyboard.

Bib 770887 Eat What You Kill
Author: Ted Scofield

“Evan Stoess graduated from one of the best prep schools in the country, courtesy of an absent father who left him with a full scholarship, along with an abusive mother and stepfather. But despite a stellar education, Evan always felt like an outsider, living with the nickname Kmart. When he lands the job of his dreams as a stock analyst and promptly picks a winner, he is riding high, until the CEO of the company dies, plunging the stock price and costing Evan his job. A few months later, he finds a new job, this time with a company that shorts stocks, betting they will falter. Once again Evan is riding high until he's not, but this time he realizes that if the current CEO dies, it will work in Evan's favor.  Surprisingly, Stoess is a sympathetic character despite his murderous ways, which makes this debut novel an emotional rollercoaster of a read.”  Booklist

Ted Scofield earned his BA, JD, and MBA at Vanderbilt University before beginning his career as a securities attorney. He now serves as the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of Icebreaker Entertainment. Scofield lives in Manhattan with his wife, Christi.

Bib 763510 Vintage
Author:  Susan Gloss

“At Hourglass Vintage in Madison, WI, three women bond through a love of vintage clothing and find their friendship to be a source of strength at a time when they need it most. Violet, the store's proprietress, believes in second chances for people as well as clothing.  When Violet learns of her impending eviction from the building she and her business call home, she will need the support of all those around her to find a solution to the upheaval. Similar in theme to Stephanie Lehmann's "Astor Place Vintage", but without the historical aspect, this novel is sure to please fans of women's fiction who enjoy an engaging story filled with plucky characters and second acts.” Library Journal

Susan Gloss is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Wisconsin Law School. When she's not writing fiction, Susan can be found working as an attorney, blogging at GlossingOverIt.com, or hunting for vintage treasures for her Etsy shop, Cleverly Curated. She lives with her family in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bib 769565 Land of Steady Habits
Author: Ted Thompson

“Filled with heartache and humor, this assured, compassionate first novel channels the suburban angst of Updike and Cheever, updating the narrative of midlife dissatisfaction with a scathing dissection of America's imploding economy. Financier Anders Hill seems to have it all: he's ensconced in a beautiful house in a wealthy Connecticut suburb, his children's college tuition has finally been paid, and he can now retire, freed from the weight of a soul-sucking job. But what he seems to want most is to blow up his entire life. He divorces his wife, buys a condo, and decides to attend the annual Christmas party of his old neighbors, where, surrounded by his ex-wife's close friends, he unravels in spectacularly hilarious fashion.  How Anders forges his path to redemption, for both personal and professional sins, is not to be missed. With pitch-perfect prose and endearingly melancholy characters, Thompson offers up a heartbreaking vision of an ailing family and country.” Booklist starred review

Ted Thompson is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, where he was awarded a Truman Capote Fellowship. His work has appeared in Tin House and Best New American Voices, among other publications. He was born in Connecticut and lives in Brooklyn with his wife.

Bib 767540 Real Happy Family
Author:  Caeli Wolfson Widger

“Widger skewers Hollywood fame hunters in her sharply funny debut. Young would-be reality-star Lorelei Branch is mortified after her mother, Colleen, has a drunken meltdown on national TV after Lorelei loses a slot on a fashion show to a competitor. Lorelei cuts off all contact with her overzealous stage mom and moves in briefly with her filmmaker half brother and his agent wife before taking off for Reno with her boyfriend to escape the embarrassment of her imploding career.  When she learns Lorelei is running out of money, Colleen concocts a plan to rescue her daughter by staging a live intervention on another reality show, called Real Happy Family. Widger's satirical send-up of the industry is a thoroughly enjoyable read.” Booklist

Caeli Wolfson Widger received her MFA in poetry from the University of Montana. Her work has appeared in Another Chicago Magazine and The Madison Review.

March 2014 Staff Picks Week 5
Monday, March 31, 2014

An Unkindness of Ravens by Ruth Rendell

Chief Inspector Wexford is called upon to investigate the disappearance of his middle-aged neighbor Rodney Williams. At first he assumes that Mr. Williams has run away from his unhappy marriage and family. A typed note is found by Mr. Williams’ employer, indicating that he has resigned his job due to circumstances beyond his control. However, the note is found to be a fake, and a very poor and unprofessional fake at that. Could this be an inside job by somebody who detested Mr. Williams? There were many people in his personal life who held him in contempt. But did anybody despise him enough to kill him, and if so, where is the body? His clothes and personal effects turn up in the neighborhood pond, raising suspicion of foul play. What’s even more surprising is the emergence of a second wife and daughter, indicating that he was leading a double life. Both daughters of the bigamist belong to a militant feminist group symbolized by a picture of the raven. Many young women in town belong to the group; their aggressiveness makes the collective noun “an unkindness” of ravens to be particularly true. Wexford must unravel a bizarre story in which many women had the motive to kill Mr. Williams, and yet only one woman did. For mystery lovers, the ending is solid. You can’t guess it, but it makes perfect sense when it’s unveiled.

March 2014 Staff Picks Week 4
Monday, March 24, 2014

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger

10 years after Andy Sachs quit working for Miranda Priestley at Runway Magazine, she is running a bridal magazine called The Plunge. Paired up with her former nemesis, Emily, Andy writes and travels while Emily plans parties and does the advertising for the business. Andy has met and fallen in love with Max Harrison, the son of a prominent media family. All is going well until, on her wedding day, she finds a note that implies her husband may have been keeping a secret. She starts to doubt him, which throws her happily ever after life into question. Andy’s career, marriage, and motherhood are the central themes of the book, and the writing will appeal to those who enjoy descriptions of fashion and clothing.

March 2014 Theme Week 4
Monday, March 24, 2014

The Professor and the Madman: a Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester

Standing in the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Sir James Murray could hardly believe he was about to meet one of the benefactors of his most important and impressive professional project: the Oxford English Dictionary.  Murray had intended to create a comprehensive record of every word in the English language.  Philologists all over the country had volunteered to help, mailing words and examples of usage that they encountered in their reading.  Few contributed as frequently or as thoroughly than Dr. W.C. Minor.  Eager to honor his prolific contributor, Murray traveled to the lunatic asylum that Minor gave as his address.  But he was shocked to discover that his benefactor was not an asylum doctor, but rather an inmate—and convicted murderer—with a past more startling than his immense vocabulary.  Weaving together literary history and historical biography, Winchester spins a tale of murder, madness, and genius that will delight readers who love words and biographies of colorful characters.

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

The main character, Alma, is a woman, probably a genius, in a man’s world.  The narrative begins with Alma’s father, who steals sought after plant cuttings, and eventually moves from the UK to Philadelphia, to build his empire on valuable botanical remedies for health.  America is ripe for finding “cures”, and Henry Whitaker seizes the opportunity to make his fortune.  The book is set in the early part of the 19th Century, when many new ideas are formulating in the country.  Previously, there had not even been such a word as “scientist”.   The book reminds me somewhat of a Jane Austen novel, or Charles Dickens.   Ms. Gilbert’s thorough job of researching the subject of botany involves much attention to detail, but the underlying stories are intriguing, and the plot takes unexpected twists, which makes it an interesting story.  It doesn’t shy away from “taboo” subjects and the madness reveals itself in various forms.  I am very impressed with the writing, and painstaking detail of Ms. Gilbert. 

Graphic Novel Book Club Minimize
Graphic Novels/Comics Book Club for Adults
Ashburn Library
Aug 6, 7:00 pm

Saga. Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan
For adults.

Dress Like Your Favorite Character Day!
Gum Spring Library
Jul 16, 10:00 am-9:00 pm

Visit the Teen Center to get your photo taken as your favorite book, movie or graphic novel character!
For all ages.
Graphic Novels/Comics Book Club for Adults
Ashburn Library
Jul 2, 7:00 pm

Rust: Visitor in the Field by Royden Lepp
For adults.

Graphic Novels/Comics Book Club for Adults
Ashburn Library
Jun 4, 7:00 pm

T-minus: The Race to the Moon by Jim Ottaviani
For adults.

Graphic Novel Book Club: Tiny Titans
Cascades Library
May 28, 4:00 pm

Registration required, begins May 14. Call 703-444-3228 or Register Online..
Reading and exploring popular graphic novels for kids.
Tiny Titans Series by Art Baltazar

For ages 7-11.
Graphic Novels/Comics Book Club
Ashburn Library
May 7, 7:00 pm

Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things by Ted Naifeh
For adults.

Graphic Novel Book Club: Babymouse
Cascades Library
Apr 29, 4:00 pm

Registration required. Call 703-444-3228 or Register Online..
Reading and exploring popular graphic novels for kids.
Babymouse series by Jennifer and Matthew Holm.

For ages 7-11.
More Graphic Novel Discussions
Join a Book Discussion
Adult Book Club
Lovettsville Library
May 6, 7:00 pm

Visit the Information Desk for titles.

Adult Book Club
Ashburn Library
May 6, 7:00 pm

The Girls of Atomic City: the Untold Story of the Women who Helped Win World War II by Denise Kiernen.
Adult Book Club
Cascades Library
May 5, 7:00 pm (Mondays, March 3, April 7 and May 5, 7:00 pm)

Visit the Information Desk for titles.

Copies of the book will be available.

For adults.
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