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October 2014 Theme Week 3
Monday, October 20, 2014

Time of the Locust by Morowa Yejidé (2014)

Young boy Sephiri is on the autism spectrum and has shut himself off from the world around him. He creates a world he calls the Land of Air to handle the stress of the real world. His single mother, Brenda, tries to balance taking care of her child with autism, work, and her own health. His father, Horace, is in the seventh year of incarceration, and trying to deal with his own isolation. Father and son, through the use of dreamscape, find each other in a magical way. Travel into this world of magical realism to discover how hope can be found in ways never imagined.

House of the Rising Sun by Kristen Painter (2014)

Augustine lives a charmed life of luxury and excess in New Orleans, spending his days lounging around a huge mansion with a new woman every night. That is until his benefactor is attacked by vampires and the Big Easy threatens to turn into the City of Eternal Night. For centuries, fae have protected the city from bloodsuckers, but now it falls to Augustine to become the Guardian of New Orleans. He must work together with Harlow, a woman dragged into the war while searching for answers about her father, in order to restore the fragile balance between light and dark.

The Diviner’s Tale by Bradford Marrow (2011)

When diviner Cassandra took the job of dowsing a forested valley in New York, she didn’t realize the results would be so ominous. She comes across the hanging body of a young girl, but when she brings the authorities back to the exact spot, the body is missing. The next day, a mute girl stumbles out of the woods—the very girl that Cassandra had seen hanging from a tree. She must confront a sinister past, dark foreboding, and a very real killer, all on a chilling journey to self-discovery. Can Cassandra stop her life her spiraling out of control or will she fall victim to a murderer who has been haunting her for as long as she can remember?

October 2014 Theme Week 2
Monday, October 13, 2014

Graveminder by Melissa Marr (2011)

For as long as she could remember, Rebekkah’s grandmother Maylene was the Graveminder of Claysville. Maylene would perform the same ritual at every funeral: three sips from a small silver flask followed by the words, "Sleep well, and stay where I put you." Rebekkah never thought much of it, until Maylene’s unnatural death brings her back to Claysville, and she discovers there was a method to her grandmother’s madness. The dead do not want to sleep peacefully, and a shadowy figure named Mr. D wants to bring them up to the surface once more. It is up to the new Graveminder and the Undertaker to make sure the dead stay where they were put.

Don’t Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon (2011)

Children have the most amazing imaginations, which takes them to worlds beyond our own. But how do we know it’s only their imagination? A small girl named Lisa disappeared on a sleepy summer night in New England, telling her brother before she left that she had found a door to a magical place where she would meet the King of the Fairies. Over a decade later, a young woman named Phoebe, plagued by haunting dreams, gets ready to marry a sensible, normal man who helps stop her own nightmares from happening. That is until her nightmares come to life, reminding her fiancée of a terrible promise he made to his sister Lisa years before. Don’t believe in magic? You will.

Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch (2011)

While standing guard over a headless body in Covent Gardens, rookie PC Peter Grant discovers a ghoulish talent when takes a statement from an eyewitness who happens to be a ghost. His ability to speak to the dead raises the attention of a Detective Inspector who specializes in the paranormal, and saves Grant from working a desk job. Little does he know that he’s about to be sucked into a gruesome world with gods and goddesses, and an unspeakable evil lurking the streets of London. Will Grant be able to use his newfound powers stem the tide of mayhem and murder that’s about to be unleashed upon the city? Find out in Aaronvitch’s first installment of the Rivers of London series.

October 2014 Theme Week 1
Monday, October 06, 2014

The Strain by Guillermo del Toro (2009)

This novel, written by the famous Oscar winning Mexican film director of Pan’s Labyrinth, begins as a modern day vampire yarn, similar to the one made famous by Bram Stoker.  Flight 753 from Berlin lands at JFK International Airport, seemingly without any problems but then just sits out on the tarmac. Inside the jet, the crew-members and passengers appear all to be dead, all seated and in an upright position.  In the cargo hold, there is a large box filled with what appears to be earth, but it is empty.  But this is where the parallel to the old Dracula novel diverges.  Soon thereafter the plane lands, ravenous corpses begin to roam the city: instead of well-groomed vampires, they are mindless zombies, spreading their undead condition to an unsuspecting city.   CDC investigator Dr. Eph Goodweather fears that there is a disease on the loose that is verging on a unstoppable pandemic.  The first book in a series, it combines the world of the supernatural with disease.  This adds an element that is especially frightening in an age when global epidemics are possible.

Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready (2008)

Ciara Griffin, a former con artist is trying to find a “real job.”  Her parents are in jail and she doesn’t want to follow them down the same career path.  She finds an internship at a local radio station in Maryland.  It is an eclectic oldies station that airs everything from Blues to Grunge, and where the disc jockeys dress in the style of their music programs.  All of them are eerily authentic, because they are vampires who are stuck in the eras when they were turned.   When a media conglomerate threatens to take over the station and turn it into a middle-of-the-road “hits” station, Ciara comes up with a marketing scheme that will save the station and her new-found friends.  This novel, the first in the WVMP Radio Series, offers a refreshing new twist on the many vampire books that have come out in recent years.  It is an urban fantasy novel that is entertaining with lots of music references and low-key humor.

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison (2004)

Move over Stephanie Plum!  Rachel Morgan is her supernatural bounty-hunting counterpart in this first novel in a series about rogue werewolves, vampires, trolls and other non-humans.  The story is set in an alternate universe Cincinnati, where Rachel’s world split from ours in the 1950’s after human priorities following the discovery of DNA were set on genetic engineering.  Mankind is nearly wiped out by a virus to which the non-humans are immune; supernaturals, in turn, keep order in the world until the virus has run its course.  Rachel, as a bounty hunter, is part of the new order that attempts to track down lawbreakers.  Readers of supernatural fiction will enjoy Kim Harrison’s entertaining and original take on fiction about bounty-hunters and the current public fears about genetic engineering.

October 2014 Dazzling Debuts
Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Bib 786933 Murder at the Brightwell
Author: Ashley Weaver

“Amory and Milo Ames, landed gentry in 1930s England, have a modern marriage. He jaunts off to the Riviera without her, and she takes up the invitation from her former fiance, Gil Trent, to join him and 10 other vaguely connected acquaintances and friends at a seaside resort, with the express purpose of trying to talk sense into Gil's sister about her current suitor, Rupert Howe. On the second day at the Brightwell Hotel, Amory discovers Howe's body, tossed over a railing onto a terrace partway down the bluff to the beach. As the murder investigation progresses, Milo arrives. Setting aside their marital ennui, Milo and Amory join forces to do amateur sleuthing, much to the annoyance of the local detective. This debut novel by a librarian lays the foundation for a stylish series with Milo and Amory channeling Nick and Nora Charles.” Booklist
Ashley Weaver is the branch manager at Oberlin, the headquarters branch of the Allen Parish Libraries in Louisiana. Weaver has worked in libraries since she was 14; she was a page and then a clerk before obtaining her MLIS from Louisiana State University. She lives in Oakdale, Louisiana.

Bib 791780 Nine Days
Author: Minerva Koenig

“Julia Kalas (not her real name) is a criminal who laundered money through her construction company and then watched her husband get gunned down by the Aryan Brotherhood. Now in the witness protection program, she has been placed in the tiny town of Azula, TX. While working for bar owner Hector Guerra, Julia is intrigued by the Victorian architecture around the town square and itches to begin restoration. But when she starts to look closely into the titles on the buildings, she uncovers an intriguing mystery; most of the structures are owned by a shell company. Town councilman Richard Hallstadt is trying to get a federal grant to renovate the buildings; he also is married to--and divorcing--the town's police chief, Teresa. When Teresa's body is found on the roof of Hector's bar, everyone goes on high alert. And when Julia is kicked out of the witness protection program, she decides she really doesn't need to follow the rules anymore. Small-town Texas is vividly brought to life in this atmospheric and entertaining debut that also introduces a memorable and unusual protagonist.” Library Journal starred review
Minerva Koenig is a licensed architect running her own one-woman practice. When not architecting or writing, she likes to sew, read, play chess, do yoga, dance, wrangle cats, and fight the patriarchy. Koenig lives in Austin, Texas.

Bib 790348 You
Author: Caroline Kepnes

“When Joe Goldberg meets Guinevere Beck in the East Village bookstore where he works, he instantly knows that she's the one for him. Sure, he thought the same about Candace, but Candace is no longer in his life and he's sure that Guinevere is the one. The only problem is Guinevere doesn't seem to know it yet. So Joe gives her some time. Time he spends watching her, hacking her computer, and even saving her from her mistakes. When she drunkenly falls onto the subway tracks late at night, he's there to offer her a hand. And when he realizes her boyfriend Benji is cheating on her, Joe gets Benji out of the way. Kepnes certainly has the creepy factor down in her debut novel, taking readers deep into Joe's thoughts and feelings, to extremely suspenseful effect. And Joe is entirely believable as the stalker from hell. Though there are no ghosts and the only thing that goes bump in the night is Joe, this will appeal to fans of psychological horror.” Library Journal
Caroline Kepnes is a native of Cape Cod. She has covered pop culture for "Entertainment Weekly", Tiger Beat, E! Online, and Yahoo.  She has also written for television shows, including "7th Heaven" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager". Caroline is a Brown University graduate now residing in Los Angeles in the same building that the Hillside Strangler once called home.

Bib 788160 The Goddess of Small Victories
Author: Yannick Grannec

“In French author Grannec's first novel, which focuses on real-life couple Kurt and Adele Gödel, love is more powerful than anything, from family disapproval to mental illness. Adele devoted her life to taking care of her mathematical genius husband, a paranoid recluse who never showed her even the smallest affection. Kurt, who believed that others were trying to poison him, ate less and less, eventually dwindling to 66 pounds and dying of anorexia. The novel alternates between Adele's memories of her difficult marital life and the efforts of a young woman named Anna, who has been charged with the task of gaining Adele's trust in order to secure rights to her late husband's papers. The women develop a true friendship that comes to mean a great deal to both of them. Adele, who always lived in her husband's shadow, rightfully takes center stage, with readers marveling at how love can survive when it receives no nourishment. For fans of Sylvia Nasar's A Beautiful Mind” Library Journal
Yannick Grannec is a graphic designer and illustrator. After obtaining a degree in the Sciences, she began studying art and joined Les Ateliers, where she received a degree in design. A Freelance Art Director, Professor of Fine Arts in Reims, and enthusiast of Mathematics, she lives in Saint Paul de Vence.

Bib 786937 The Lodger
Author: Louisa Treger

“In this intriguing blend of fact and fiction, Treger's debut novel explores the socially unacceptable loves of little-read author Dorothy Richardson in early 20th-century London. Still haunted by guilt over her mother's suicide, Dorothy lives in a shabby boarding house at the seedy edge of Bloomsbury, barely supporting herself as a dentist's assistant. In 1906, she meets and succumbs to the intelligence, eloquence, and admiration of H.G. Wells, the husband of an old school friend. Initially repelled by Wells's scientific certainty and hesitant to betray her friend, Dorothy nevertheless capitulates to his sexual and literary urgings. The varied responses of her well drawn landlady, Mrs. Baker, and fellow boarders Russian Jewish emigre Benjamin, Canadian Dr. Weber, and suffragette Veronica Leslie-Jones both clarify and complicate Dorothy's life.  Readers familiar with the period will recognize echoes of Virginia Woolf and Edith Wharton in Dorothy's views.” Publishers Weekly
Louisa Treger, a classical violinist, studied at the Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and worked as a freelance orchestral player and teacher. She subsequently turned to literature, gaining a First Class degree and a Ph.D. in English at University College London.

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Sailor Twain : Or : The Mermaid in the Hudson by Mark Siegel
For adults.

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Graphic Novels/Comics Book Club
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Dec 3, 7:00 pm

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel
For adults.

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Nov 5, 7:00 pm

Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol
For adults.

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Mar 28, 2:00 pm

Anne Lehmann and her family no longer feel safe in their Berlin home. Anne exhibits strength and courage to survive in a world that seems to be filled with hatred and violence. This ArtsPower production, based on the book by Anne Fox, tells of events in Germany and other occupied countries prior to and during World War II and reveals the importance of combating intolerance.

For Grades 4-adult.

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Winter Reading Program
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Mar 10, -March 20 (Tuesday, January 20-Friday, March 20)

Curl up with a good book and chase those winter blues away! Pick up a reading log at the Information Desk.  Read a total of five Young Adult and/or Adult books, and turn your reading log into the library by March 20 (first day of Spring!). All participants who complete the program will be entered to win our grand prize drawing: a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com.
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